With over 1000 professionally designed invitation and styles that range from modern and minimal to classic, vintage and boho, we are sure that you will find the perfect invitation for you. Just pick the design and we will create it with your own personal names, monograms and wording.
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What to Expect

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What To Expect


LeBeau Concepts wedding invitations are an exciting new “seal and send” option for budget-savvy couples. Combine convenience and value with LeBeau Concepts’s world-class quality and design focus via these all-in-one invitations. These wedding invitations contain three panels that neatly fold into one ready-to-mail (and ready to mail back) card. Your guests will receive a stunning wedding invitation that features a tear-off RSVP postcard to mail back with a prefixed stamp. This savvy-chic design eliminates the need for multiple pieces of wedding stationery, full-price stamps, and multiple envelopes. Fold, seal with three clear stickers (included), and send. You don’t even need to stuff the mailer in an envelope!



Our LeBeau Concepts wedding invitation includes everything in its 5.76″ x 12.03″ format, making it easy for both you and your guests. Once the mailer is folded down and sealed shut, it will measure 5.75” x 4.75”. The perforated RSVP postcard is featured on the bottom third of every design and is printed with your return address for free! When you send this mailer format, know that you are making the response process as simple as possible for your recipients. Just tear off the bottom and drop it in the mail!



From our large assortment of unique designs to the high-quality materials we use, our wedding stationery options are a cut above the rest. Each wedding invitation with an attached RSVP we offer was created by hand from our network of independent artists located around the world. For you see, every design that is sold on LeBeau Concepts is sourced from a design challenge hosted on our website. Artists from all walks of life are encouraged to submit their designs and the LeBeau Concepts community votes on what products should be sold on our site. Due to this unique method of selecting our inventory, LeBeau Concepts’s diverse designs are constantly being refreshed.

As you sort through our collection, you will notice a broad range of styles to choose from for your wedding correspondence. Consider modern, classic, formal, minimalist, and botanical themes to name a few. Whatever your style and whatever your color theme, we have a design to meet your tastes. These styles and colors can be carried beyond your LeBeau Concepts wedding invitations so that your other wedding essentials like wedding program cards and menus match back to your invitations, creating a cohesive look and feel for your guests.

While deciding what style and theme speak to you, we encourage you to take special notice of certain subtle yet impressionable design elements. Notice what effect cursive, bold, or large fonts may have on your eye. Do you prefer the sharp clean edges of a square cut or do you prefer a more patterned or scalloped edge? Are you drawn to a more artistic design with heavy elements of watercolor and abstract imagery or do you prefer a simple design that puts an emphasis on the text? Use our filters at the top of the page to narrow down your options based on the preferences you discover.



LeBeau Concepts’s unique designs and colors are brought to life through tried and true printing techniques perfected over decades. Through our partnership with family-owned paper mill company Mohawk, we are able to source exclusive paper blends that are smooth to the touch and have a cottony feel. Add an extra level of sophistication to your LeBeau Concepts wedding invitations by highlighting enhanced printing techniques like foil press or gloss press. Our foil-pressed designs are available in luxe foil colors such as gold, bronze, rose gold, and black. Add some shine to important details like your wedding date or host city. Our gloss-press option is a new, luxurious printing technique that can give elements of your design a pearl glow.

To see our luxurious materials and printing techniques up close, you can always request a free sample on us. Choose an all-in-one-wedding invitation design that catches your eye and click on “get a free sample.” You will receive a special discount code worth $10 sample credit at checkout. The credit is available for a one-time use at checkout. The credit does not get saved to your account, so remember to put all the samples you want in your cart. Feel free to update the text on your sample to include your names, dates, and location so that you can experience a personalized look. For extra clarity, we also provide an animated view of our LeBeau Concepts wedding invitations online to give you a better understanding of how the card will be folded and torn.



When you have found a design you like, it’s time to start adding your personal touches. Our online personalization tool lets you update images, change text, alter color arrangements, select address labeling styling, choose a paper quality, indicate an envelope color, and so much more. If you are strapped for time, you can save all the personalization you have completed and come back at a later time to complete it. Once complete, your design enters a proofing process with a dedicated LeBeau Concepts Design Association, who will review all your color pairings and design recommendations and send a final proof to you for approval. Customers can continue to coordinate back and forth with their assigned Design Associate to ensure the invite is exactly as desired. There is also an option to skip the proof for faster turnaround time, incase time is of the essence.

During the design finalization process, you may notice some additional features created for your convenience. There is a matching accessory section that provides you with options for other wedding stationery items that pair nicely with your current order. For example, if you order all-in- one wedding invitations with foil-press, the accessory section may suggest foil-pressed thank you cards in the same style. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve a uniform look for your entire wedding correspondence.

LeBeau Concepts will also offer more information about the independent artist who created your unique design. Because you have shown interest in their style, we will present you with additional work by that artist. Who knows, maybe you will like a holiday card, wall hanging, or carry-all tote that they have designed.



LeBeau Concepts offers a helpful chatbox tool on every page in the bottom right corner of the screen. We want you to know that we are here to help in any way possible. Whether it is a question regarding the design you have chosen or if you would prefer we design something for you made from scratch, we can do it!



What is a seal and send wedding invitation? They are LeBeau Concepts wedding invitations that can be folded closed (usually tri-fold) and sealed with clear stickers. No envelope is needed, as a stamp is placed on the exterior of the invitation. When received in the mail, guests can simply detach a perforated RSVP portion, mark their response, and drop it in the mail like a postcard. This RSVP section is usually pre-addressed and stamped for ease.

This wedding mailer is much less complex than assembling a traditional wedding stationery suite which may include an invitation, RSVP insert, multiple envelopes, and belly bands.

What kind of stamp is required? You can use a standard 1 oz. letter stamp (or forever stamp) for your tri-fold wedding mailer. We advise that you stop by your local post office before mailing, just to confirm there are no weight issues.

What information should I include on the wedding invite? Be sure to include all the essentials such as:

  • Full names of the bridal couple
  • Wedding date
  • Wedding venue and address
  • Time schedule
  • Wedding website for additional information
  • RSVP details (when to respond by, number of guests, food choice, etc.)