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Elegant Edges


An Elegant Edges wedding invitation often features a sophisticated and luxurious design

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With intricate details on the edges or borders that elevate its look and feel. These invitations typically incorporate a combination of traditional and modern design elements to create a timeless and stylish appearance.

The color palette for an Elegant Edges wedding invitation typically includes classic and elegant shades such as black, white, silver, gold, navy, or shades of pastels. The typography is often ornate, featuring traditional fonts with calligraphic scripts or elegant serif typefaces.

The intricate details or patterns on the edges or borders of an Elegant Edges wedding invitation may include filigree or lace-like designs, scalloped edges, embossed or debossed borders, die-cut details, or even foiled edges. These elements add texture and depth to the invitation, creating a sense of elegance and luxury.

Elegant Edges wedding invitations are often printed on high-quality cardstock with a smooth or textured finish that complements


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