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Everlasting Minimalism


A refined and timeless wedding invitation design that epitomizes simplicity and sophistication

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“Everlasting Minimalism” is a refined and timeless wedding invitation design that epitomizes simplicity and sophistication. The invitation is minimalistic and sleek, with a focus on the typography and elegant gold foil names that create an elegant statement.

The typography of the invitation is clean and classic, utilizing a sans-serif font for the main text, softened by the choice of the perferct script font for the couple’s names. The typography creates a balance between minimalist design and elegance, providing legibility while adding a touch of glamour.

The gold foil names are prominently featured, with the luxurious finish of the gold foil creating high-impact with ease. The names are placed strategically to draw focus to the couple themselves, emphasizing the importance of the occasion.

The color scheme of “Everlasting Minimalism” is monochromatic, using a combination of hues that emphasize understated beauty. Subtle shades of gray and white create a serene and calming atmosphere, coupled with the delicate gold foil finishes for the couple’s names that add a sense of glamour to the design.

The paper selection is smooth and of high quality, giving the invitation a luxurious finish that acts as an excellent contrast to the restrained elements in the design.

Overall, “Everlasting Minimalism” is a wedding invitation for couples seeking a sophisticated and minimalist design that makes a statement with perfect understated elegance. The invitation celebrates the union of two people with a refined and chic design that speaks volumes about their love by keeping the focus on the couple and the importance of their special day.


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