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Golden Leaves


A timeless and classic design with gold foil names elegantly paired with beautiful leafy accents

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“Golden Leaves” is a classic wedding invitation design that features a combination of elegant typography and beautiful botanical elements in gold foil. The invitation has a timeless and sophisticated feel that exudes charm, grace, and elegance.

The invitation’s design is set against a neutral-toned background, with the featured botanical elements intricately placed on the left and top side of the invitation. The patterns are delicate and intricate, with a glamorous gold finish that highlights the curves and lines of the leafy elements effectively.

The typography of the invitation is bold and balanced, utilizing a classic serif typeface for the text along with a striking stylish script font for the couple’s name. The names take center stage in a luxurious gold-tone, exquisite to look at, and easily noticeable from the rest of the elements.

The color scheme of the invitation is understated, with soft white paired subtly with hints of gold-toned elements, that accentuate the design. The high-quality smooth-textured paper, coupled with effective printing techniques, showcase the design and finish off the luxurious impression that the invitation gives.

Overall, “Golden Leaves” is a wedding invitation that embodies the essence of a classic, timeless design with a touch of glamour through the elegant botanical elements in gold foil. It is perfect for couples who seek a sophisticated and charming wedding invitation that commemorates their big day elegantly.


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